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 Active Learning

"Integration of Active Learning and Energy Monitoring with School Curriculum"

A consortium of 16 partners have during the period January 2006 - December 2008 completed a project based on the recommendations made in The Reflection Document on Sustainable Energy Education. The aim of the project was to reduce energy use in school buildings and homes by teaching children rational use of energy, renewable energy sources, and transport through hands-on activities (Active Learning - AL). The project advocates that children can be important resources to society in their own education rather than passive receivers of information.

Energy monitoring (EM) was one of the key ativities of the project but many other exiting exercises for primary school students based on the pedagogical principle of active learning have been developed and can be found in:

The Active Learning Toolbox

During the course of the project, the consortium tested and evaluated possible strategies for integration of AL with national school curricula with the aid of 184 Champion Schools. You can read more about their work in our project newsletters.

Click here to read more about some of our project results.

The project was partially financed by the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme (IEE) of the European Commission, which supports the development of actions dealing with energy efficiency and renewable energies. Seeking security of energy supply, competitiveness and environmental protection; it aims at lower consumptions of energy on the demand side. Further information can be found on the IEE website at:

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